The ADMIT Board

From left to right: Richard Dekhuijzen, Irene Bellesi, Christopher J. Corrigan, Lorenzo Corbetta, Soren Pedersen, Peter J. Barnes, Nicolas Roche, Jane Scullion, Walter G. Vincken, Borja G. Cosio, Omar Usmani, Mark L. Levy


Inhaled therapy is the cornerstone of medical management of obstructive pulmonary diseases (asthma and COPD). Inhaled medication is very effective if used correctly. However the majority of patients use their inhalers incorrectly. This contributes to poorly controlled disease and reduced quality of life.

ADMIT provides information on:

  • Different inhalation systems
  • Choice of inhaler
  • Inhaler training advice
  • Up to date literature on this topic


ADMIT’s role is to advise health care professionals about inhaled therapy to optimise asthma and COPD management

Health Care Professionals
can use this site to improve their knowledge of inhaler devices and their correct use free spins coin master.

will find information here to help them understand how their devices work and what they can do to improve their inhalation technique.

ADMIT Annual Report

ADMIT 2017 Annual Report